Latest Changes in IELTS Score for Australia Immigration

With start of the New Year, Australia’s immigration department made modifications to the English skill prerequisite for applicants who would immigrate in the General Skilled Migration Visa category.

Following are the changes, effected from 01 January 2010:

1. English skill prerequisite for all GSM visa applicants who propose trade occupations have greater than before. Now it is necessary to put on a minimum of 6.0 points on Competent English on every of the 4 modules of an IELTS test.

2. Candidates would not increase points for the General Points Test for vocational English. Previously, there was a condition of receiving a least of 5 points for vocational English on every module of an IELTS test.

3. A state or territory would no longer limit future immigrants claiming concessional competent English to accomplish the condition of receiving sponsorship or nomination.

4. Furthermore, if applicant intends to submit an application with concessional competent English, he will need to get an average of 6 points in IELTS test.

5. Main applicants would not be rewarded with points in the General Points Test if they rely on their partner points; given that the afterward have vocational English.

6. The English language standard for future immigrants applying under Skilled-Regional Sponsored GSM Visa class has been enlarged from an average of 5.5 points to an average of 6.0 points in an IELTS test.

Thus one thing is obvious that potential immigrants planning to enter Australia under the General Skilled Migrant Visa category would now need to have higher level of IELTS or English proficiency. On the other hand, the new requirements will only be relevant to applicants who have filed their immigration applications after January1, 2010. Applications filed before the initiation of the changes would not require to meet these standards!


  1. Hi
    This is Karim Sabetraftar. I've got my PhD from Australia (ANU) IN 2006. I am a faculty member at Guilan University in Iran since 1994. I have a plan to migrate to Australia and work as an Environmental Health Officer. First of all, I think, it is a little bit weird for somebody like me to get another IELTS for this procedure (after my study in Australia for around 5 years). Recently, I've just had a IELTS exam test in Tehran and I've got 6.5 score (overall band), 7 for speaking, 6.5 for writing, 6 for reading and unfortunately, 5.5 for listening. Now, my question is, should I take another exam for my immigration process? Or that would be enough? Please send your reply to this email address:
    Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  2. Hi
    This is Bilal Javaid. I am an Electrical Engineer graduated from U.E.T. Lahore, Pakistan. I am planning fron Australia Skilled Immigration. Please tell me the minimum IELTS Band requirement in each of the four modules.

    I will be very grateful to you for this favour.

    My email id is:

  3. hey bilal. its good that u want to apply for skilled immigration, well i would like to say regarding bands that the more band u score the more point u will get to go for immigration but as u r already an engineer and ur qualification is ok for that u must get 6.5 to get good marks in your immigrations points....
    good luck bilal

  4. hi iam satish and i got ielts score for
    Listening : 8
    Writing : 7
    Reading : 6.5
    Speaking : 6.5 Over all Score : 7 band
    iam basically an accountant, is this score is enough for me to migrate to australia, please give me your advice ASAP my email is

  5. hi i am lucky i got ielts score for
    listening : 5.5
    writing : 5.5
    reading : 5.0
    speaking : 6.5 Overall score : 5.5 band
    i am an electrical engineer,is the score good enough?And please tell me the average of each of the four modules.I want to apply for subclass 475.Please send your reply to my email
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. u r not lucky afetr obtaining these scores

  7. Hi
    This is Jasmin Makram, Marketing Specialist, i've been workin in the field for about 3 years and studied for 5 years in a relative studies,I have a plan to migrate to Australia and work as a Marketing specialist.Recently, I've just had a IELTS exam test in Egypt and I've got 6.5 score (overall band), 7 for speaking, 6 for writing, 6 for reading and 6 for listening. Now, my question is, should I take another exam for my immigration process? Or that would be enough? Please send your reply to this email address:"" or/and ""

    Thanks alot

  8. hi i am vish and i got ielts score for
    Listening : 6.5
    Writing : 6.0
    Reading : 5.5
    Speaking : 7 O.
    0ver all Score : 6.5 band
    i have applied for state sponspored nomination 176 Visa. Is this score is enough for me to migrate to australia, please give me your advice ASAP my

  9. Hi
    This is Manoj from Nepal.I have been working in the aircraft maintenance field from the last 5 yrs as an aircraft mechanic.I am planning to migrate to Australia in the Trade occupation so How much score should I need in IELTS in each band.If the respected score will not come than whats the alternative for that.Will overall band of 6 works?Please sent the reply on

  10. Hi I am Israr Ahmed from Pehsawar Pakistan and i am working as a office manager in Engineering company for the last 6 years. I have given the ielts exam 4 times but i secutre overall band of 6.0 listening 6.0 reading 5.5 writing 6.0 and speaking 6.5 now my question is will i be albe to apply for the state sponsorship as my Vetasses has completed succesfully.
    please sent information on this e-mail address.

  11. hi
    this is Rumman from Bangladesh.Recently i have completed the ielts exam with a overall band score of 6.5
    i have more than 1 year experience in a pharmaceutical industry, as i have completed my B.pharm. is it possible to apply for skilled immigration or other types?mail me at

  12. hi i am tina from the philippines i got my ielts score listening 5.0 reading 5.0 speaking 6.0 writing 6.0 my total band score 5.5 i am a nursing graduate and i trained for 6 months as a caregiver it is possible for me to apply as immigrant with sponsor of my brother in law since he is resident in australia for more than two years as a professional electrician in heavy equipments. e-mail me at

  13. what type of IELTS moudle is required for immigration to australia

  14. Both Academic and GT are acceptable

  15. Hi I have scored 8.5 in listening , 7 in reading , 6.5 in writing , 7 in speaking . Overall score 7 . I am an motor mechanic and assessed my skills from tra before dec 2009 . I hv applied for 485 visa can you please advice me future options for permanent residency . Do I require 7 in each module of ielts ?my email address is Jason_ 55us@

  16. I have got 7.00 band in average in Ielts and I have got my CDR assessed by Engineers Australia and they have alloted me ASCO 2129-79 code for migration to Australia. I have got 6.00 band in writing and 8 band in listening in Ielts.Am I eligible for PR to australia as the minimum point required are 120 and I am a software Mainframe Engineer and I am having 4.6 Years experience in Mainframe

  17. Dear,
    7 band inall 4 module of ielts is required to get full points. Now you are losing 10 points

  18. i have a band scored of 6.0. 6.5 in listening and speaking; 5.5 for reading and writing. im a physiotherapist. is this ok???

  19. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for Civil Egineering technologist with state sponsorship.My IELTS score is as following,

    Reading - 5.5
    Speaking - 7.0
    Writing - 5.5
    Listing - 6.0

    Ovarall - 6.0

    Please separately explain weather my score is enough under new & old scheme ?

    my mail ID id


  20. hey how what will be my overall band if i secure 6.5 6.5 in listening and speaking 6,6 in both reading and writing kindly let me know

  21. hello.. its me ashley.. i just want to ask about ielts exam.. We just moved in here in tasmania, i got permanent resident visa, i worked as an overseas nurse for 7 years.. My question is, do i need to take ielts since i already have my PR visa, so i can go on thru my application to aphra..thanks

  22. please let me know what is the ielts score required for an indian lawyer for immigrating to australia

  23. i m sam , n have been completed masters of computer sciences from Pakistan and want to apply for Database Administrator. i got band 6.5 total which is composed of 7.0 , 6.5 , 6.0 n 6.0 in writing ,speaking ,reading n listening

    is it ok to apply for Australian Skilled immigration as Database Administrator - thanx

  24. I have appeared for IETLS thrice and everytime I got .5 less i.e. 6.5 in one or the other section. Please see below:
    L - 7 S - 7 W - 6.5 R - 7
    L-8 S - 6.5 w - 7 R - 6.5
    L-7 S -7 W-6 R - 7.5
    If you see, I have got 7 in each section at least once in these 3 attempts.

    I need 25 marks of English Eligibility (i.e. 7 in each) to make 120 marks points.

    Can you advise that I should apply for GSM visa with above three attempt score?

  25. am planning to do my higher education in ausi ,,my over all ielts mark s 5.5 is this mark enought to study in ausi

  26. hi everyone! we are a family of 4 and have already spend a few years in australia thanks to the 457 visa, we are considering the permanent residency visa but first of all we need to go through the ielts (one more time),
    how much should i score to be granted?
    how much should my partner score to be granted?

    thank you

  27. Salam! My name is Farhatullah.
    I have obtained the following IELTS bands in four modules respectively.
    L= 6.5
    So can I apply for the immigration and is I can then what is date limit for me to apply for the immigration.

    In addition, I have more than four years of experience in the subject of Computer Science and I did my master in CS from Pakistan. Likewise, my age will be 27 on the 13th April this year.

    Please give me suitable suggestion on the following email:

  28. I'm applying under 176 category. My score is
    Listing - 7
    Speaking - 6.5
    Reading - 6
    Writing - 5.5

    Overall - 6.5

    Kindly let me know am I eligible with the overall score in IELTS
    relpy me on

  29. what is the new ielts score changes for an indian nurse to work as a nurse in australia

  30. Hi
    This is manoj saklani. I am I.T.I holder in machinist trade graduated from D.U. Delhi. I am planning for Australia Immigration for General candidate . Please tell me the minimum IELTS Band requirement in each of the four modules.

    I will be very grateful to you for this favour.

  31. hey i think what u guys are wanting to know is that if u want to score points in the new point system for
    IELTS 6 which does not have any point additional is
    Listening(L) 6
    Reading(R) 6
    Writing(W) 6
    Speaking(S) 6
    anything lower than that i do not think you will be qualify

    but for ielts 7 which is
    Listening(L) 7
    Reading(R) 7
    Writing(W) 7
    Speaking(S) 7
    you will receive 10 points

    and for ielts 8 which is
    Listening(L) 8
    Reading(R) 8
    Writing(W) 8
    Speaking(S) 8
    would allow you to get 20 points.

    hope this will allow everyone to understand the system.

  32. i wana asku if u give r 4 wr 4.5 s 6 ls 4
    the band total 4.625 pass to 5 or not

  33. hello,
    i have reading 7 ,writing-6,listening-7,speaking-7,overall score 7 in academic exam,i am working as a nurse.can i immigrate to australia with the score

  34. Hi,
    My friend is planning for application with category 176 visa. His ACS is successfull and have got EILTS result as well. As the new point system shall be active from July 2011, some States have halted taking application for sponsorship therefore, it will e filed expectedly after it resumed and new point system in place.

    EILTS result doesn't comply with the least required I.e 7 band in each component to claim the points.

    My question is, if he scores enough (65 point) without producing/adding EILTS 7 band, can he be still eligible to apply with state sponsorship in hand. However he will attach his EILTS result of L6.0, S6.5, W6.5, R 6.0.

    Can anyone experienced and expert advise on this ?



  35. Hi I am Idrees from islamabad Pakistan and i am working as a Systems Analyst for the last 7 years. I have given the ielts exam 3 times last time i secure overall band of 6.0 listening 5.5 reading 6.0 writing 5.5 and speaking 6.0 now my question is will i be albe to apply for the state sponsorship as my Skills Assessment Application has completed succesfully.
    please sent information on this e-mail address.

  36. hi my name is xavier, i like to go Australia, which type of ielts can i do, academic or general. email

  37. if overall score is 8 which includes9.0,8.5,8.0,& 7.0 what score will i be granted?

    Also if overall score is 8.0 with one 6.5 what score will i be granted?

  38. my ielt results is 5.0 listening, 5.5 in writting, speaking5.5,and obs is i suited in visa 457 in australia...i am applying in geraldton, western australia...can you pls reply to me..godbless

  39. HI I am Kaushi.I like to study Bioscience in australia What points are enough for me to achieve this?

  40. my IELTS score is: Listening-7,Reading-7,Speaking-7and Writing-5.5(Overall-6.5). So, what would be my case under the new system after July 2011? Am I still eligible to get some points in English or it is just a plain zero for English? I mean if there is any partial scoring system or just the simple 0 (for at least 6),10(for at least 7),20(for at least 8) points only?

  41. Hi i scored :Listening 6.0, Reading 5.5, Speaking 7.0, Writing 6.5 (Overall 6.5)
    M a welder and fabricator. I have been in this profession for past 6 years. I hold a Trade Certificate in Welding and Fabrication. Would like to know that with this IELTS marks, do i qualify to take the next step towards my GSM visa application process??? Concerned about the mark

  42. hi
    i am muhammmad nasir from Pakistan i am food technologist i have want to go for m fill in Australia pleas tell me what is procedure for sir and how many score require for admission

    i will be thankful to u

  43. Hi,
    Am Cynthia from kenya,i want to apply for a student Visa to Australia. Did my IELTS on the 22nd October 2011 n scored as follows.
    Listening- 6.0
    I want to go and study nursing at TAFE will i be granted the visa n am i able to take that course with taht band score?

  44. Hello
    My name is Shiva .I studied pharmacy and now I am a Phd student of pharmacology in Iran .Me and my husband have an immigration plan.We want to know what point we should get in IELTS EXAM(6 OR 7) to have permission for taking pharmacy exams in your country.THANKS.(

  45. hello,
    My name is sam .. I need to know what a requirement for ielts band for 457 visa .. the think is that i scored in speaking:-6,listening :-6,writing:-5.5 and reading:-4.5 can I apply for 457 visa .. please reply me on
    many thanks

  46. hi i am recently stay in singpapore.i am work here almost 5 years.i want to migrant to what should i do?may i know about this pls?thanks?

  47. I am graduated in Chemical Engineering from world renowned UET Lahore and want to come in Australia for a job. Is it necessary for me to have a certificate of IELTS? Thanks a lot.

  48. Hi, This is Sneha.....i gave my ielts on 22nd october and my score is Listening 6.5 Reading 6.5 speaking 6.5 and writing 6 i.e overall 6.5 ,I hold diploma in nursing and want to study degree in the same,presently i'm working as a nurse,just want to ask U that is my band score enough to study in australia...?do reply me back on

  49. I had speaking-6.5,listening-5,reading-5 and writing-6.5 in general training ielts.4yrs experience in construction site engineering,graduated 4yrs ago and 32yrs single young man.Please can I apply for Australia skill visa and which one am I qualify for with my pre-requisite?

  50. hi,
    I sat for Academic Test& scored:
    I'm 30 yrs old and a chartered accountant and completed Bachelor Degree in Accountancy.
    I have more than 6yars of experiance in the same feild.
    can i apply for australian migration ?
    waiting to hear. through

  51. Hello,

    I am Yana. I've just got my IELTS result, which is acceptable (min 6.5 in writing) to submit my CDR to Engineers Australia and lodge an application for General Skilled Migration. But I will not get any additional points. Can I submit my CDR with this result, retake an exam, hopefully get the higher score and submit an application with another result?

    Your help will be highly appreciated. My email is:

  52. Hi
    I am Mosharraf & i have civil engineering degree with 7 years experience @ gulf, i am looking for skilled migration at Australia. please let me know the required IELTS score

  53. hi i am Narendra my band score in IELTS is 6 (W-6,R-6,S-5.5 and L-5.5)My question is,can I apply for student visa(depedent)in Australia

  54. hi i am lucky i got ielts score for
    listening : 5.5
    writing : 5.5
    reading : 5.0
    speaking : 6.5 Overall score : 5.5 band
    i am an electrical engineer,is the score good enough?And please tell me the average of each of the four modules.I want to apply for subclass 475.Please send your reply to my email
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  55. Hi.
    I Umair , I have done Mechanical engineering and MSc Engineering management form UET Lahore... What band in need to qualify for Australia Immigration.

  56. I have applied in Sept 2009 for PR but my application is in Category 5.I want to know whther ihave to appear for IELTS again due to expiry of IELTS

  57. hi i am planning to migrate to Australia, i was completed MBA in Marketing specialization if i applied for Australian PR can i get good job opportunity there.

  58. hi,
    i am B.Sc Nurse from Indis and would wish to write ielts exam. which course i should join Academic ielts or general academic. In future i wish to immigrate to Australia. pl. reply me
    to my mail :

  59. u should take general test for immigration.

  60. hi
    I am Diana i work as a nurse and planning to migrate to Australia my scores are as follows
    listening 8
    reading 6.5
    writing 6
    speaking 7
    overall 7
    kindly evaluate and let me know if i am eligilble to

  61. hi to all i have submitted my Australian immigration case since 15 may 2011. my visa is 176 sponsor visa and i needed just 100 points to continue my process which was completed with out IELTS now tomorrow i have received one mail from immigration officer and he refused my case with the objection of IELTS 21 of jan i took the IELTS exam and 3rd of feb i will received my result please advise me which kind of reply i can send to immigration officer please advise me

  62. hi, I am nader my email is
    my score on IELTS was:
    listening 7.5
    reading 6.5
    writing 7.5
    speaking 6.5
    overall 7
    how many points will I get in the Australian skilled worker assessment form?

  63. Hi
    I have pre-primary school teacher diploma and i want to know which one should i take general or academic and what score do i need to apply for general skilled migration visa subclass 176.
    My e-mail -
    Thank you

  64. hi, my name is Gokul. i am a post graduate in business administration (MBA) specialised in marketing and HR. what should be my score for ielts to migrate to australia. (overall and parts.) Could you please send me a detailed info to my mail.
    Thank you.

  65. hi i would like to work as a nurse in australia .i hav scored an overall band of 7 , listening 8,reading 7.5, writing 7,speaking 6 am i qualified to work in australia . wat r d scores required to work in australia please reply

  66. I am an IT profesional with around 10 years of experiels , got IELTS score as(overall 7)
    can I apply for skilled PRS visa?

  67. hi
    i hve given my ielts exams on 3rd march 2012 ..
    i hve scored
    listening 8.5
    reading 5.5
    writing 6.5
    speaking 6.5
    plz guide me can i apply for the australian immigration as i m an interior designer and hve been doing this work since 9 years i m 34 years old ...can u plz guide me any way to apply my email address is
    i wil be extremely thnkful if u can help me out
    thnx for ur time

  68. hi
    i am going to try for student visa in austrailia.what marks should i get in ielts for trying in student visa.pleease send me your reply to this email address:
    Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  69. want to apply for skilled independent visa would they accept OET results and Ielts results to obtain points i need or will australia take only one test in consideration.

  70. Hi I have given ielts exam and scored.
    Listening = 6.5
    Reading = 6.5
    Writing = 6.0
    Speaking = 7.0

    For which australian immigration category do i fall and will i get it easily.

  71. hi i am nishan
    i got
    listening 6.5
    reading 6.5
    writting 5
    speakingh 5
    please tell me for which country i am eligible

  72. Hi I am Ramon. I am from Malta.

    I will be looking at a State Sponsorship Visa to Australia as an Archivist. My recent IELTS test scores were like this.
    Reading 9.0
    Listening 8.5
    Speaking 9.0
    Writing 7.5.

    Now I was told to redo IELTS as I will need 8.0 in all bands. I have 5 years work experience. Can anyone tell me if I need to redo the IELTS? I was of the opinion that since I have two 9.0, the 7,5 in writing will not matter or am I wrong?

    Could anyone of you email me on

    I would appreciate any comments or answers.



    1. Hi Ramon,

      I have very similar results to yours, and was wondering if you had to redo your IELTS to get a band 8.0 in all categories. Was the 7.5 in writing a big issue for you? Were you able to get the full 20 points on the visa application, or did it drop to only 10 points, due to the 7.5 in writing.

      I appreciate your reply and advice on your experience.


      MY (email:

  73. Hi guys

    Nice tread. I am looking at State Sponsorship as an Archivist. My recent IELTS test results were
    Reading 9.0
    Speaking 9.0
    Listening 8.5 &
    Writing 7.5

    Now I was told to redo the test to get 8.0 in all bands. Is this true? Even though I have two 9.0s?

    I appreciate a reply from some one who can help.


  74. For current opened state, the maximum requirement of IELTS is 7 band in each.. currently the opened states are Victoria and South Austarlia..

    you can put up visa file.. All the very best

  75. hi, i m jia. i have been given ielts in seven time but every time my band score is L=5.5, W=6, R=5, S=4.

    i have ACS aproval but due to ielts i m still here. plz tell me solution. plz send me mail

  76. I got the below rating for IELTS GT

    Listening : 7.5
    Reading : 8.5
    Writing : 6.5
    Speaking : 6.5
    Overall Band : 7.5

    I am a software engineer with 7 years of experience .I am applying for Australian PR and would like to know whether the above score is enough to get through the processes.

  77. I am looking for skilled migration at Australia. Please let me know the required IELTS score.
    Please provide the any materials or online links for surely pass.

    I appreciate a reply from some one who can help.
    Please revert to me at ''.

    Thanks much in advance

  78. i want to study in australia. please tell me, how many band required in ilets.
    my e-mail id

  79. iam sudip i want to study accounting course in australia in univercity ...and my score is given below
    (L) = 5.5
    (W) = 5.5
    (R) = 5
    (S) = 6
    can i apply ?
    please reply fast
    my id is :

  80. hi i am Ronald from philippines,,,i took the ielts general exam last april 21, 2012,,,my total band score is 6..

    i am planning to apply slaughter man (BUTCHERY) in Australia... Is there a great possibility that i can apply to the immigration standards? pls. feedback me in

  81. i got band 6 in ielts
    would i be able to immigrate to Australia?

  82. I want to know the IELTS score required for a person in relative sponsored category migrating to Australia i.e overall band and also in each subjects...

  83. hi
    I did the IELTS on 26th may
    and i got 7 as overall.

    Reading = 6.0
    Listening = 7.0
    Writing = 7.0
    Speaking = 8.0

    i am planning to apply under the student category. what would you recommend,retaking the exam or apply with this results
    please reply asap

  84. hi
    I did The IELTS on 30th june
    and I got 6 as overall

    Listening : 6
    Reading : 7.5
    Writing : 5
    Speaking : 6
    Overall Band Score : 6

    Am I eligible to apply for diploma course?????

  85. Hi, I have scored following marks in my last IELTS test
    Listening: 7
    Reading 7
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 7
    And I have applied for remark.Could you please tell me about the outcomes of the result? This is my second time for remarking.

  86. Hi,
    I am Ruchana from Nepal.I have just complete my twelve class.I did IELTS exam on August 24 n I got 5.5 overall.
    Overall 5.5
    I am going to try for student visa in Australlia and I want to join Bachelor.Am eligible to apply for Bachelor course?? please reply me in

  87. hi

    iam sahai i finished my diploma in mechanical engineering. will i eligible to apply pr to australia

  88. Hi
    iam sahai i finished my diploma in mechanical engineering. will i eligible to apply pr to australia.pls inform through my mail id

  89. hai iam Reena from India .My husband is there and i applied for PR visa now i am doing ielts i need to work there ..i am a pharmacist by profeesion which one i have to take academic or general

  90. Dear Friends,
    I'm in big confusion, I took IELTS Academic and overall got 8 (R-8.5, L-8, S-7.5,W-7).
    But DIAC site says only GT acceptable until unless specified by Accessing Authority.
    The reason I gave acad was I had plans for studies, but fortunately got Job in Singapore. Now I want to apply for Aus PR.
    Should I take IELTS GT now?

  91. hi i am aqsa my score band in eilts is speeking 5.5, listening 5.5 , writing 4.5 and reading 4.5 overall 5 quastion is can i apply for study in australia .plz tell me my e.mail adress is

  92. I am of 32, from Nepal.I did master degree in Sociology in March,2012.I got 1.5 years(Jan,2011 to June,2012)experience in CBR(Community Based Rehabilitation).I have a 4 years son and my wife of 27, completed Bachelor in Nursing(BN)in October,2012.She has more than five years of experience as a staff nurse i.e before completion of BN.We both scored 6.0 overall in IELTS.My concern to you is that who can apply to get more points,me and my wife?Is my experience is relevant to the category of Social worker?
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

  93. Hi All,
    Is there any option to migrate to Australia for Nurse (BSc Nursing) with IELTS score of 6 in each band. I could not get 7 in each band.

  94. Hi all,
    As far as I know Nurses are required to have IELTS score of 7 in each band for PR processing. I have only IELTS score of 6 in each band with average score of 6.5. Are there any other option to move to australia. I have 3 years work experince in Nepal with BSc Nursing.

  95. My IELTS score is as below. Pls tell me how many points I can score for my Australian PR ? Will my overll score of 8 be used or min of 7.5 (or 7, if rounded off).

    L - 9
    R - 8
    W - 7.5
    S - 7.5

    Overall - 9


  96. hi sir, i am Pratap in India , i have done I.T.I (Fitter) in 2003 july , i have 6.3 years experience. i can apply PR at Australia how much score need in ielts ,my English level medium , please send me asap, thank u sir,,,


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