Importance of IELTS Score for Australia

IELTS Preparation and Practice: Listening and Speaking
Every potential immigrant intending to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Visa category is requisite to get an IELTS test. The test consists of 4 components, viz. speaking, reading, writing and listening. So as to be able to submit an application for any of the permanent categories under GSM, the principal applicant is necessary to have ‘component’ English or ‘vocational’ English, if they nominate for a skilled trade work.

The Australian immigration categorizes seven English skill levels under the GSM visa category. They are:

1. Proficient English:
A least score of 7 points in every module of the IELTS test is required to be obtained by an applicant to be able to fall into this skill level. They then earn twenty-five points in the General Skilled Migration points test.

2. Competent English:
This skill level requires the applicant to gain at least six points in each module of the test. They are further allocated with fifteen points in the GSM points test.

3. Concessional Competent English:
Individuals with an average score of 5.5 in the English proficiency test come under this skill level. Applicants with this skill level are further allocated with fifteen points in the GSM points test, given they have considered to immigrate under the Subclass 487 visa category, as well as committed to attend English language tuition in one of the participating Territory or State and paid for that already.

4. Vocational English:
Those who earn at least five points in each of the IELTS’ components belong to Vocational skill level. Individuals with this IELTS skill level are granted with fifteen points in the visa category points test, given they select a listed skilled occupation.

Vocational skill level is the marginal English requirement for Skilled Sponsored applicants under the employment nomination program. Apart from the above-mentioned categories, below are the three more English skill levels:

5. Functional English:
Individuals with IELTS score of 4.5 points come under this level. In the GSM points test, they are not allocated with any point.

6. Limited English:
The Limited English skill level includes those IELTS appearing applicants who score four points in every module of the English language proficiency test. Again, no points are awarded to these candidates in the GSM points test.

7. No English:
Applicants with a little know-how of the English language belong to this skill level. They do not get any point in the GSM points test as well.


  1. my score for ielts is

    Listening = 8
    Reading = 6
    writing = 5.5
    speaking = 5.5

  2. Pls help me out...
    can i apply for the GSM Visa.

    i really want to move so i cant be able to give again ielts because of my schedule.

    so if some thing could happen then do let me know. my overall score in ielts is 6.5,.

    you can also mail me @

  3. The requirement is 7 band in IELTS. You have to repeat

  4. sreerajavasu@gmail.comDecember 24, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    I am vasudevan i wish to migrate to australia
    with the ielts overall band is 4.5. And one more thing my own brother is a citizen in australia.I am postgrauduate in mathematics, education, computer application, and library science.These are my qualifiaction. In any of the other way i want to migrate to australia.If there is any possibility please send me the details. thanks


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