Some Guidelines of Australian Immigration

Read this blog thoroughly this blog and notify yourself with the unseen suggestions and guidelines related with Australian Immigration

1. Australian Immigration System requires all the applicants to have a visa to go into the country. New Zealand citizens do not require have one! The visa application procedure must be carried out in a lawful manner.

2. The candidate having criminal background/ bad character/ or facing health problems may be deprived of a visa, depending upon the condition.

3. Australian migration stress on the intake of skilled and business skilled migrants. The “target migration intake” is determined on annual basis.

4. Applicants are requisite to complete the eligibility standards draped with all the classes of visa. The applicants would finish up without visa if they submit an application in the incorrect category or fail to meet the mentioned requirements. In addition, the regulations are subject to amendments.

5. Visa is approved on merit-basis and after considering other aspects like qualification, experience, age, fiscal aspects and alike. Words like corruption, deception, dishonesty and cheating are harshly kept away from the dictionary of Australian Immigration.

6. Many cases are referred to Review Tribunal in Australia, where discarded cases are appealed again. Appeals can moreover be made to Federal and High Courts and require a lawful representation.

7. Person/ Company providing immigration recommendation in Australia have to have a registration under the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). An experienced Visa advisor would make sure that your case is finely represented with all the necessary documentation and evidences.

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