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Moving to Australia is a popular choice for those looking for a better lifestyle. The Australian culture is famously unique; imagine nice, laid-back sunny surroundings with boundless beaches, beers.

So, moving to Australia, the easy life should be trouble-free to achieve. Anyone whose ventured Down Under on holiday will tell you there's some requirements involved in visiting and moving to Australia is no different.

First off, you'll require passing a couple of tests. You'll require being in good health as will anyone travelling with you. You'll also require showing that you're of a good and pleasing character. You'll also have to make a decision what visa you're intended to apply for.

For most people it will be skills that enable them to get a visa for moving to Australia. There's a list of skilled occupations and if your occupation is in demand you obtain additional points.

Get Moving to Australia

All household and individual effects entering Australia with you are cause to undergo examination by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and must be cleaned up carefully before moving day. On the whole, if it's going to touch Australian soil it can't take anything that's going to cause pollution issues.

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