Immigration to Australia from Pakistan

Immigration to Australia from Pakistan generally occurred in the early 70s, though Pakistani migrants can be dated back to the near the beginning of 50s. Early Muslim migrants from Indo-Pak Sub-Continent entered Australia in the late 1800s from areas which are now current Pakistan. Since then the figure of Pakistani immigrants increased significantly, with thousands of Pakistanis entering the Australia every year since that time. Pakistanis in Australia are tended to be built-up, cultured, and professional. A lot of of them had come from main cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Peshawar, and were well-known with Western culture and ways of living. Still most of the Pakistanis immigrating to the Australia are mostly students, professionals and economic migrants who do tend to have some kind of education.

The majority of Pakistani Australians are Muslims by religion represented through its Pakistani Community Australian Portal; though there is also a considerable Christian community as well. The Christian community is usually well-represented, through its Pakistani Australian Christian Association.

Statistics from the 2001 Australian Census specify that there are about 20,000 Pakistani Australians, since then the size of the Pakistani community in Australia has considerably increased. Sydney has one of the main Pakistani communities in Oceania, and has been rising since the point system was introduced to allow immigrants into Australia. There are lots of other shops with Pakistani and other South Asian related items for sale for example Pakistani clothing and entertainment. It is home to the main South Asian market in Oceania.


  1. what should be the minimum qualification for migrating to australia?

  2. What should be the minimum amount and qualification for immigration to australia?

  3. I started the home construction/estate advisory business from 2007 and my/my wife qualification is Matric/secondary. But my working capital much sufficient. I have five dependant first one depedant child 22 year other child under 20, 18, 10, 8. I hope u advise me promptly for Australia. OK, Bye


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