Visa Application Charge for Australia - VAC

The supporting finance is one of the main factors that ought to be considered at the same time as an immigration application is being considered for any country. The similar rule applies although immigrating to Australia.

So as to migrate to Australia, one must meet the terms of the essential requirements that have been laid down by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia. These comprise application fee which is a significant component whilst an application is being evaluated. This is called the VAC or Visa Application Charge. This charge has to be paid in Australian dollars only and is not refundable, even if the application is discarded.

This application fee is reconsidered on the 1st July of every year. So, it is recommended to make a decision and apply before this particular date. This would save you in case the fee per application is increased.

If you are applying from somewhere outside Australia, this charge along with the application has to be paid at the Australian High Commission or the Consulate / Embassy of your country. In this case, an exception is made with a comparable being paid in the local currency. The exchange rates are changed every year on the 1st January and on the 1st July. It has to be kept in mind that the foreign currency rates are fixed only for six months after which it is assess again. A substitute to keep away from such a confusion is to ask one of your friends in Australia (if any) to put the money at the local office.

Changes in VAC – The Consequences
As declared above, the cost of the VAC is totally based on the date of the application submission and when it is received by the department. You may finish up paying more in the following cases:
1. If you put forward your application after 1st January or 1st July.
2. If your submission is received after the above mentioned dates regardless of you submitting well in advance.

You pay for the VAC in an abroad office before the due dates but put forward the application in a local Australian office only after the exact days.

Though, in all the cases it has to be kept in mind that an application would only be considered if the correct sum has been paid. In some cases, it may even be returned back with a demand to put forward again with the right processing fee.

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