Immigration policies of Australia

Everybody needs a better life - this need has direct people to go away to other countries, which they believe offer them the chance to achieve their dreams. A classic country of choice is Australia since it is one of the flourishing countries in the world. In view of this, Australia immigration policies have been implemented so as to improve and facilitate the process of moving into Australia.

The new immigration policy of Australia has two components, that is, Migration and humanitarian, these two aspects frame the spine of the Immigration Policies of Australia.
Explained minimally, the Humanitarian aspect concerns those people who came to Australia to look for refuge. These include refugees, people who lawfully entered the country and required its protection, in addition to illegal immigrants. Even when the country is supple concerning Humanitarian immigration, it still reserves the power to refuse applications that are deemed weak.

The Migration aspect of Australia is divided into three categories:
1. Skilled Migration
2. Special Eligibility
3. Family Stream
Australia gives much weight to Skilled Migration since through it; they can find answer to some of their employment deficiencies. This feature is divided further into three categories:
a. General Skilled Migration
b. Employer Nomination
c. Business Skill

Australia believes in the significance of a unified family, that is why their immigration policy has a Family Migration category. Immigrants and residents comparable can nominate their child, partners, parents, and/or dependent relatives for migration. In this aspect, the country reserves the right to ask for DNA testing, when it is deemed essential.

Special Eligibility Migration concerns persons who have had previous connections with Australia such as its previous residents and those individuals who were born in Australia but become adult in another country.

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