Recognized Graduate Visa of Australia

The Australian Immigration Department said that the country is all for attracting the excellent of abroad talents into the nation. Australia’s Recognized Graduate Australia visa (Temporary) (subclass 476) is fraction of the expert and Skilled Migrant scheme, that lets abroad skilled workers to immigrate to the Australia with no lining up sponsorship from a corporation earlier.

Populace with a Recognized Graduate Australia visa who immigrate to Australia might be eligible for Australian citizenship. On the other hand, they are required to get together the requirements set by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia. Previous to that, applicants have to also please the condition of attaining the pass mark on the General Skilled Migration points test.

Under the Recognized Graduate Australia visa, the winning applicant will be able to:
•Stay in Australia for equal to 18 months, with no limits on entering and leaving the country.
•Search for employment from an Australian employer.
•Register in an educational course that lasts for no longer than the period of the visa.
•Study to perk up their English speaking skills must they require additional help.

As opposite to the General Skilled Migrant visa, the Recognized Graduate visa is comparatively low-priced to apply for. Applicants are only requisite to pay a particular application fee of 235 AUD. On the other hand; this fee is non-refundable, irrespective of the truth that the application gets endorsement or rejection.

To be entitled for the Recognized Graduate Australia visa, applicants have to meet the following at the time of applying for consent to live and work in Australia:
•Applicants should be an engineering graduate of a recognized overseas university as mandated by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia.
•The applicants and the dependents must be of fine character. The main applicant must be eager to sign the Australian Values Statement, which indicates that he/she is enthusiastic to follow all rules, regulations and restrictions as put forth by your visa.
•Applicants have to have the skill in speaking English so as to immigrate to Australia under this visa.
•The degree in Engineering must be a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctoral degree, a postgraduate diploma, or any grouping of the options.
•Applicants have to be under the age of 31 on the day that they submit an application for the application.
•Applicants can exist whichever within the country or exterior of Australia at the time of application.
•The candidate and his/her dependents must please the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia with all the health requirements.

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