IELTS Score Required for Australian Immigration

Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship has set the English language standards taking into account a straightforward fact that Immigrants who are fluent in the English language will be capable of finding a job in the Australian market soon. Not to state, this will too assist the new immigrants in communal networking at a far-away land. Though, reduced language skills can be overwhelming to the probability of their career achievement, even if they meet the criteria through all the essential requirements of the job.

Skill levels based on the IELTS score for Australian Imigration

Therefore, Australia necessitates all potential economic migrants to take an IELTS test. Speaking, reading, writing and listening are the four major components of this test, on the basis of which the language skills of the candidates are assessed. To be entitled to apply for one of the permanent General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa groups, the main candidate must have ‘competent or vocational’ English, if they propose for a skilled trade profession.

The Australian immigration regulations distinguish seven English skill levels after evaluating the confidence and capability of the candidate in the Queen’s language under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas:

1. Proficient English:
Candidates who score a minimum of 7 band score in their IELTS test score in every of the 4 components of the test are privileged to be incorporated in this skill level, which is the uppermost in the test score. The candidate of this level are granted 25 points in the GSM points test.

2. Competent English:
Candidates of this level are the ones who have an IELTS band score of as a minimum 6 on each of the 4 components of the IELETS test. They will obtain 15 points in the GSM points test.

3. Concessional Competent English:
This level include in the applicants with the standard band score of 5.5 in their IELTS score. The applicant is given 15 points in the GSM point’s test, if they have applied for the Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa and has submitted a fee to be present at English language tuition in a joining State or Territory.

4. “Vocational” or “Better than functional” English:
Applicants with an IELTS band score of as a minimum 5 band in each of the 4 components of the test are incorporated in this level. The candidate gets 15 points in the GSM point’s test, if they propose for a skilled trade profession. This is the least English requirement for Skilled sponsored applicants and a obligation for the Employer recommendation scheme.

5. Functional English:
Applicants who get an IELTS average band score of at least 4.5 points is programmed under this skill level. These candidates do not obtain any points in the GSM points test.

6. Limited English:
An IELTS standard band score of no less than 4 based on the 4 test components causes the claimant to be incorporated below this skill level and not get any points help in the GSM points test.

7. No English:
Applicants listed in this level typically have extremely limited understanding of English language skills. These applicants are not awarded any points in the GSM points test.

An IELTS test is usually valid for 2 years only and the Australian Immigration system entail that the applicants undertake a fresh test if his previous test report has expired i.e. is more than two years old.


  1. Dear sir,
    I have applied for skilled immigration to Australia under the category of internal auditor and obtained overall 6.5 score in IELTS. Is this score is ok or 7 is mandetory?

  2. I've applied for skilled immigration to australia under the catagory of CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN and obtained overall band score of 6.5 in IELTS with 5.5 score for reading module.Is this score is enough?


  3. I have applied for austrailian immigiration in IT network security professional and i have got 6.5 band with 5.5 in writing is it ok or band 7 is necessary

  4. Dear sir,
    Candidates who score a minimum of 6.5 band score as a overal in their IELTS test score in every of the 4 components of the test are privileged to be incorporated in this skill level,are the candidate of this level granted 20 points in the GSM points test?

  5. Dear Mr./Ms.,
    I have reached 7.5 overall, however I have got 6.5 in wrinting skills,Could you please inform how many points will be granted in the GSM points test?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Have any latest change revealed in IELTS score requirring for immigration to Australia in case of a Civil Engineer? Is it overall 6 or 7 as a minimum?

  7. What is the latest minimum IELTS score for General Skilled Migration to Australia for a Civil Engineer?

  8. Dear Sir or Madam
    i would like to ask if what is the band score for civil engineer?Or is that the standard band score for all who wish to migrate in Australia,as what you post above.

  9. hi I'm a food technology graduate have 5 years job related experience with my field.. got 5.5 over all ielts band i qualified to apply as an immigrant australia?? thank you..please relpy.. God bless

  10. Dear sir or madam, i intend to apply for the general skilled migration visa as turner and fitter and i have scored a band score of 4 in reading and 5 in the 3 other components. do you think that scoring a 4 will affect my chance of obtaining my visa? thank you for answering and giving me some advices

  11. Hi ,

    I have IELTS score respectively:

    So how many points i will get for Australian immigration.

    can you send me reply on my email

  12. Good afternoon Sir, this is Navdeep here, I completed my Masters of Commerce(Professional Accounting) and i got 5 band score in reading, speaking, listening and 6 in writing, the overall band score is 5.5 and i am going to apply for indepedent Permanent Residency and i am here with my family. this band score is enough to apply for P.R. or do i need to get 7 bands. what are the partner skills are required? Does he need to take an IELTS test or how much band score does he required? Can you please answer me on my email:

  13. Dear Navdeep,
    You have to score at least 7 score. Your partner also requires IELTS

  14. i got ielts resuls...speaking-7.5
    so i want to know am i ok to get immigrassion for sydney?please let me know soon

  15. Rolando Hermo Estrada jr.April 16, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    I have IELTS result,listening 3.5,reading 3.5 writing 4.5 speaking 6.0 my over all score 4.5 i want to know if my score considered pass for applying auto mechanic in sydney please let me know as soon as possible thank in advance

  16. hello mam/sir ,
    i got overall band score 6.5 .with the following scores:-
    can i apply for immigration in australia.please let me know.thank u

  17. my ielts result is as follows: listening-5.5, reading is 4.5, writing-5.5 and speaking-6 with a band score of 5.5... can i qualify to apply for DRILLER position in australia? a company was given approval for our nomination. please let me know. thank you very much

  18. i got a band score of 6 in my ielts test, with an individual scores of 7 in listening, 5.5 in reading, 6 in writting and 5.5 in speaking... can u let me know if this scores are enough for General skilled migration to australia as a welder\fabricator.

  19. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I have scored the following bands in IELTS 2011 for General Skilled Immigration -
    Speaking - 7
    Listening - 7
    Reading - 5.5 &
    Writing - 7 respectively
    Overall band is 6.50
    what are my chances of applying for immigration at Australia, or am I suppose to through with 7 band each, kindly let me know about the criteria at the earliest
    mail id:

  20. hy i got 6.5 in ielts academic module and i am applying for civil engineering in australia in curtin college is this band fine or i need to resit?mail id:

  21. sir i am a Bsc nurse,who would like to work in Australia. which IELTS i should attend{general or academic}.with 6.5 band score can i apply for Australian migration or work visa.
    my general ielts score is
    can i apply with this score,if can for which[immigration or work visa].
    thanking you in anticipation.
    my mail id

  22. You have to take IELTS general not less than 7 band in each module

  23. I do not know which module to take. PLS advise.
    I intend to apply for PR in australia in 2012. I am a lawyer by profession.

  24. I am a Nurse and i would like to apply a student visa in Australia but my IELTS Band Score is only 6,(L-6.5, S-6, W-6 and S-5) Am i qualified?please i want to know if my scores is acceptable.

  25. sir please help me out. My relative in australia is sponsoring me to get a visa in australia as a carer. mY grandmother will undergo dialysis soon and they are in the process of applying for sponsorship. Do i have to take ielts to be granted a visa?

  26. Sir i got Ielts band score 6 in General Training Module.Can I apply for Australa Immigarion as an Electrical Engineer?

    Sadia Afrin


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